THIS SESSION Gives me life

Honestly, Im obsessed with every single darn image we got from this session, it was nearly impossible to narrow them down. And even better is that the clients are so so so happy when these sessions are happening, and as soon as they leave, and thankfully most definitely when the get to see their images for the first time! It's so empowering, to show women what they look like, some women haven't been able to believe their eyes. And I love that.

Working with Sara for her boudoir session was an absolute dream, she was so relaxed ( though nervous like every other woman) and open to trying different looks. She told me briefly about her insecurities and I made a mental note, and then we left it at that. Our insecurities can sometimes take the driver seat to our joy, but she definitely wasn't that way. She trusted me and the process, and the results absolutely speak for themselves. I love that these images are versatile. Some are sultry and sexy, while others are fun and silly. No matter what they are called, they're all stunning, and she's a masterpiece. Getting to photograph what I love is absolutely a dream job, and I look forward to continuing on the dream. If you're interested in some of the common reservations women have leading into their session, or how they felt during and after- go check out our boudoir page and you'll get to see their direct quote testimonials.