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About Me

Hey, Im Christine its great to meet you! Im glad you're here and curious.

Some stuff to know about me....Ive been married for over a decade which seems impossible because I cant be that old !?!?!

I'm a mom of two, one boy and one girl. I realize that those little people can be some of the most challenging to gain cooperation from during photo sessions. So... parents, I can relate, and Im here to help and have tricks up my sleeve.

I hate being photographed myself. So what that means for you- Im well equipped to handle folks who feel the same about being in front of the camera, Im ALL ABOUT making you feel relaxed and comfortable and confident ( no need to feel like you need to be model ahead of time, and definitely no worries on the dreaded "where to put my hands" <--- I got you). Im all about giving a mix of posed images full of my direction and guidance as well as candid shots of you just being you ( as a family or couple or whatever).

Im obsessed with all sorts of photography, but especially posed newborn imagery and sunset sessions (okay, everything minus weddings, I'll leave that to someone else).

I worked for over a decade as a Massage Therapist and really think it works to my advantage in this field as well for posing and soothing newborns. Ive also worked with kids in many different capacities so working with them now is second nature.

I love covering my walls with updated photos and some from the past and want to help you do the same. The whole reason for photography in this capacity is just the overwhelming feeling of how quickly time passes, and photography is the only way to capture it. ** lets all agree here to end the current "digital-only" mindset. Our kids do not want to have to hang on to all of our old digital equipment just to be able to access their childhood memories ( and thats if it doesn't fail by then anyways). So lets print your stuff, we make it easy and beautiful.

I truly cant wait to meet you and spend some time together :)

*These are images of my family and myself below*

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