ONE long and short year in the books

This sweet and beautiful girl was born premature ( as noted in the one image with her and her newborn photo. She has had quite the journey this past year as did her parents and brother. She was born during the beginning phases of the pandemic as though that wasn't scary enough, and then a lengthy stay in the NICU as a teeny tiny newborn. YET, here she is thriving and adorable, and she surely enjoyed the heck out of her cake. The premie babies always impress the heck out of me, to see just what can happen in a years time. Like what did most of us do this past year? paint a room? binge watch an embarrassing amount of shows on Netflix? lol

So if you're a mom out there reading this with a premie, just know this could be you, or them in a year from now and you'll look back on this time as a complete and utter blur, cause you ( and them) are survivors and thrivers. And we cant wait to celebrate with all of ya!

Just incase you're new here, our cake smash sessions are so easy on parents. We provide a ton of outfit options from custom vendors for boys or girls. We have the set designed prior to your arrival, and the cake delivered and ready to be devoured ( oh, we order the custom cakes from an amazing local bake shop "the Rolling Pin Custom Cake shop" if you're looking on fb) with outfits laid out for you to choose from. And we send leftover cake home for you, and cleanup the mess. We just ask parents to show up with a baby and a diaper bag and leave the rest to us :)