EVERY single time we shoot one of these female empowerment/boudoir sessions it gets more and more exciting and I really cannot wait to share that love and fun with all of you out there! We are getting ready for an upcoming boudoir marathon in April/May and Im beyond pumped about it. We offer our clients a multitude of wardrobe options ( two of which are seen here below) and keep it simple, and focused on them. Forget the props, these are really geared towards just empowering women, and a sleek backdrop and VERYYYY detailed posing instructions are all it takes.

You'd never know it based on the outcomes of our sessions but the list of fears and hesitations that these women all have leading up to their session, instantly melt away once they see how guided they are in the process. We're there helping to pick out something to wear that figure flattering and will photograph really well and show off all their best features. We're also there to mirror- pose with you ( meaning I-Christine/aka the photographer- will be doing the pose right in front of you walking you thru every single detail of the pose to really nail it, you'd be shocked at what a difference a slight arm or leg bend will do. Ya might leave sore from using muscles you don't normally use.

We really want to emphasize that boudoir photography isn't just for a size zero 20 year old. Its not that at all! Especially the vibe we are going for, it can totally be for the mature woman, the plus-size, the super sculpted toned bodies, you name it. WE'RE HERE FOR IT ALL. Reach out, tell us your apprehensions, tell us what you DO like about yourself and we cater our sessions to all of the above. We'll have you feeling like a model in front of us really quickly, and we promise you'll be sad when the session is over, and thrilled when you get to see your photos revealed! Do it for you!