This client reached out to us back In the fall to pre-plan a snowy day session, and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. She then told us she wanted to bring five dogs. Yep, ya read that right, five dogs. So then we got a smidge nervous because having so many moving parts during a session can be super tricky. Well, come to find out, this dog momma trains these pups and the session went off without a hitch. Also, did you spy the cat? yep, cat. outoors. You read it right again lol. Theres always still "firsts" for us, and photographing a cat outside was a first. He also was pretty awesome aside from the fact that he didnt exactly love the drive to meet us for the photoshoot.

These snowy sunset vibes were awesome as was this couple, and it really has us itching for those warm summer night sunsets when the sun sets AFTER dinner time lol. We're pretty lucky to live in western New York and get to experience all the seasons have to offer us here. Yay Buffalo!

And this is a final random shout out to these two here-- they both work on an ambulance and anyone doing any sort of medical field thru out this last year has really earned so much extra respect from me ( not that they didnt already have it, but geesh this year!!!). Thankful for our healthcare workers more than ever!