I KNOW, you're sitting there thinking he's the most perfect little thing right?> And you'd be right. He was quite the little angel for his session, minus the small fact that he pooped on the best assistant in the game! We forgive him, it happens to the best of us lol. He was the type of baby that would get into the type of sleep that would constantly seem to involve little baby dreams. He made faces while he was sleeping the entire time, ranging mostly from little smirks and smiles, to an entire setup/pose with the biggest scrunched up wrinkly angry man forehead you've ever seen. It was hilarious, we kept rubbing his forehead and trying to stretch it out, to no avail! lol. We have been on a stretch of boys lately, and larger ones at that, so this little man felt sooooo tiny to us. He came a bit early into this world because apparently he's got big plans for his little life and we cannot wait to see them! Every time we finish a session we always remind parents how quickly this time passes and that we cannot wait to watch their little baby grow and form their little personalities and see their parenting styles evolve. We just know, we will be planning a whole bunch of cake smashes and milestone sessions much too soon as these tiny humans just.dont.keep. Sad right? We think so! The only silver lining, is for the parents who hopefully begin to start sleeping by those milestones ( or not, because, teething lol).

We are so lucky to have been able to capture so many amazing newborn sessions this year and hopefully many more to come, so we are extremely grateful for all the families that have chosen us to be their newborn photographer. We know ( and love) so many of them out there that is a huge compliment when they come to us. And all the praise we receive from these families and the referrals they send us are such a blessing ( this little guys friend is set to arrive soon and we are looking forward to it).