Can we just play a broken record on how much we love our job and how fortunate we are to be able to do what makes us happy and work together with my awesome sister-in-law and work with babies, and their families, or really cool women or seniors. Gosh we love it all, and the variety all the sessions offer really keeps it all fresh for us!

This little stud of a baby was so darn sweet for us, that towards the end of the session when it was time for family portraits we begged the mom to let us try a new thing on her with the fabric draped shot, and I couldn't be happier she trusted us and obliged. Isn't it unfair how some women can be so stunning mere days after birthing a baby? like how? ( ps- we totally don't expect this of new moms FYI). We do always encourage parents to at least try hopping in a few family shots with their newborn, but to keep it simple. We shoot the family portion just upper body shots, so I don't care if you come in in your cozy sweats and relax for the entire remainder of the session! Full newborn sessions are 3 hours, so we dont expect you to hang in the lounge area wearing a three piece suit and a ballgown, thats just plain silly. Besides, our clothing in photos is usually what dates an image the fastest. So if you show up in basic, plain T-shirt type shirts thats all ya need! No worries, just snuggle your baby and we'll get some great shots that you'll cherish forever. Those are the ones you want printed big on your walls for years to come.