bucket list theme

Ive been wanting to do this theme for awhile now. So as soon as Emily reached out wanting to book a session for Vinny for his cake smash celebrating turning one I was pumped when she was open to my ideas. I love when clients just relingquish control and let me plan away.

Its absolutely amazing to me to watch these little clients grow before my eyes. I love seeing them at their newborn session, then again and again over the years. I love getting to meet new families and seeing how they change as well. From glowingly pregnant, to tired with a newborn, to laughing at their toddler and their forming personalities, to spunky young kids and then the not-so-thrilled teenagers. We love it all!

How lucky are we that we got the PERFECT snow the morning of this little mans December session to grab a few family images for these guys for a Christmas card <3

the perfect snow

check out this stud

Vinny was the perfect little model who cant yetttttt walk away from the set lol. I always tell parents we like to break down our hour together with just short tid-bits of actual shooting time to not overwhelm or overstimulate the babe. And babies this age all love having their outfits changed right?!?! NOT! Lets not forget, we are moms first so we know. We get it. We are here to help and make everything as easy as possible. Aside from the outfit you bring your kid in and maybe some puffs and a sippy cup, we provide everything for the cake smash. We design the set ahead of time. We collaborate on the cake design (with the amazing "The Rollingpin Custom Cake shop" <---- check her out on social media for your kiddos party or your own!) and have it here and ready in the studio for you. We have a ton of custom prop outfits here as well that perfectly fit a variety of sizes at this age, all laid out and ready for you at arrival. We offer plenty of advice and have plans and backup plans and backup to backup plans for the sessions and tons of tips and tricks to keep it going smoothly and get your kiddo comfortable with us. So many things in life right now are stressful, we dont want your photo session to be one of those things!

A touch of Christmas

minimal touch of Christmas

I was so happy to include a little extra added touch of Christmas at the end of the cake smash in our studio bear outfit with minimal props. I love this look. All the focus is on your baby and its timeless. What else do you need? nada.