Whats included in a full newborn session?

A full newborn session takes place in our studio typically within the first couple weeks of babies life, monday-friday at approximately 10 am. We've tested the waters along with years of experience, and this timeframe provides us with the most successful outcomes and seems to work best for our clients and ourselves.

Below I'm going to discuss the different poses in newborn photography, and what they're called. Something to note is that we can NEVER guarantee a certain pose during a session and each and every baby is different and unique and poses slightly different but these are the core poses we strive for.

Our full newborn session can be up to three hours. Yep, you read that right, and yep I realize that can seem crazy to many people. Many of those people are living their pre-baby lives reading that thinking "what in the world? three hours? how? why?". I totally get that shock. And then you have a baby, and you realize how long a single feeding can take, or how long it can take to burp said baby, and lets not talk about how many potential diaper changes can take place in a short amount of time. So, all the things considered, three hours goes fast! And the best part is that we take care of everything for that time together, and most parents catnap while we work! It's a time for parents to relax and know that there are two of us for all newborn sessions to keep baby safe and happy and well cared for the entire time.

At any rate... the poses below with their names are ONLY done during our full newborn session and for time constraints and the meticulous nature of these poses done correctly, they're not included in our wrapped session. Baby is completely wrapped for the duration of a wrapped session that I'll blog on later.

The froggy pose

The froggy pose

This is one of our most popular poses, but also most challenging and time consuming poses. **** a big note with this image is that we NEVER pose baby like this without our hands holding baby. The resulting image is something called a "composite" where we merge together two images of my assistant holding babies hand, and then wrists, into one image without her hands there.

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Timber pose

Timber pose

This is the following image we achieve once, and if, we're able to achieve froggy to begin with. This is a side shot of the pose itself and highlights how perfectly folded baby can be and has been in moms womb for months.

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chin on hands

Chin on hands pose

This is one of my favorite poses and while it looks easy to achieve it rarely is :) But it perfectly showcases babies little face and always looks so peaceful.

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Bum up

Bum up pose

This is a fan favorite and one of my original favorite poses. Its always so sweet to see baby perfectly posed and snuggled on their belly with their little skin squish resulting from the pose along their back.

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Side Lying

Side lying pose

This is a an obviously named one, as we pose baby lying on their sides snuggled up and knees to chest cozy as could be.


Egg wrap

Egg wrap pose

This is one of our resounding favorites between clients and ourselves alike. Again, its another pose showing just how teeny these babies are and how they love being cozy and snuggled up tightly reminiscent of their time in their mommas belly.