sweet Bodhi

This sweet boy came in smiling straight away for his session. We laughed, as it was as though he came to pose for the camera. His momma had great hopes for many outfit changes and different poses and setups, and lets just say his constant smiles didnt endure the remainder of the session lol. Life is so different right now for these recently coined "covid babies" so imagine their reaction when a camera and is put in front of their face in a new surrounding. WE know this is what to expect ( see the last photo :)). WE dont expect babies to sit and smile and flirt with the camera and make the cutest faces for sixty straight minutes. We just dont. We know better.

As soon as parents arrive at the studio we try approaching the one year olds cautiously and sweetly and not being "too much, too soon". We always tell parents that we break down all sessions with babies in short increments. So our session together may be an hour in total but we aren't holding a camera in your babies face asking them to perform that entire time. Babies have super short attention spans so we take lots of little breaks, let them explore a bit and do everything in our power to keep them content and feeling safe. Also, every baby is different, and any given day is different for that particular baby. Again, we know that. We are here to provide a relaxed attitude and roll with the punches. We often joke with parents on how a session may seem like it produced less-than-ideal results but it only takes a split second to capture their little smirk, or that cute little scrunched nose, or thumb sucking. And Im also a sucker for a crying shot. Its their party and they can cry if they want to. Those little pouty faces are so cute to look back on and show them someday. So, in short, we love it all with cake smashes....the good bad and ugly and we promise to use every single solitary tip and trick we have to create as much variety for you to choose from at the end of the day.

A little Testimonial from this momma after his session.... "Thank you so much...they are perfect.... I just want to thank you again! Priceless. I love that you even changed the color of the hat to match his outfit...perfection"- Christina

Thats what it's all about. These sessions are really just as much for the parents as it is for the kiddo's celebrating the milestone.