tons of girls in the studio lately

These tiny little humans are so amazing aren't they? We love love love working with new moms and watching how emotional it can be for them to get called over to see their tiny sweet newborn posed ever-so-perfectly while snoring away as we work our magic. They just get to sit back and relax ( and often times doze off for a bit) while we work feverishly to make their entire experience a perfect one. From the minute we welcome out clients into the studio lounge area to the second they leave we want them to know they're taken care of, and especially their newest addition. Even the dads rave about how comfortable the lounge and couch are to just sit back and rest assured knowing we are experienced in working with newborns and that we handle it all. From diaper changes and spit up, to posing and changing their clothes, we've got you guys covered ( I can also say that multiple clients have gone out and purchased our sectional sofa in the lounge for their own home and thats so awesome!).

This mom welled up with tears when we had her check on her little babe in multiple different poses and its so awesome to remind us why we do what we do. These babies grow way way way too fast and even by the time I sitting here writing a blog about this session mere weeks after its taken place, I know that SO MUCH HAS CHANGED for that baby and that family.

This mom said to us, "wow you guys aren't just taking photos, you're actually creating art".... and THAT is amazing. We are photographing the work of art that they brought to us, that THEY made. Nothing better than that. I like to think that years and years and years can pass and these families will still have this art to look back on and not only remember when their baby was fresh and new but also remember us and the care that we showed them.

Look at their sweet girl though! She's perfection. So many things that us newborn photographers drool over- perfect little round cheeks, amazing skin, and the perfect little puckered lips. Heart eyes for days.

froggy first

We always try to do the froggy pose first in our newborn sessions and love being able to share our behind the scenes images with you.


While froggy pose is one of my favorite poses for newborn photography, I think posing a baby in a bucket is a close second for me.