01 / 09

Baby easton

This sweet boy was our first boy of 2021 and first boy after a long stretch of baby girls. It had also been a few sessions since we had a newborn with siblings so this was fun to give us a chance to wrangle toddler siblings for some sweet shots with their newest baby brother. We always joke with parents when they bring in toddlers to be photographed with a newborn and tell them that the kids can smell the fear and to not let them get a whiff. We just stay calm and make it quick and easy and engaging for them to be in and out and on their way to the rest of their day. Its usually at that point that dad or a grandparent take the older ones for some play time while mom and babe ( and dad too if they can) hang out in our lounge area and even catch some shut-eye while we photograph the baby.

We typically get color requests or theme ideas from moms but its pretty rare that the dads get involved and make requests, but Eastons dad was so excited to include his favorite sport into the session. Clearly you can tell he is an avid ( and talented) hunter. And we even got a shot of Easton smiling with the antlers splayed around him, as though he knew he was performing for dad.

The black and white awake shots are something that we've long-ago coined "babymoji's". They're the sweetest, most natural and simplistic looking shots ever but theres just something so awesome about how quickly these tiny humans can change faces as they look around the room exploring things (usually with hands flying around in the air and startling themselves too lol). We usually try spending a good 15 minutes capturing their little changing faces on a plain white backdrop and my vision for them is to be displayed in a collage of nine of their best/sweetest/funniest faces.