We were thrilled going into this session as Lucy was one of our first babies we had in the studio in 2021 ( though she was a few weeks old at that point). I love that this mom requested both gender neutral colors as well as "non traditional girl colors" and we got to use but and green headbands that dont always get to come out to play.

Little Lucy's dad is a firefighter so I was honored ( and obsessed over) creating some special artwork for him to always have. That image of her in the firefighter outfit is one of my favorite of all times, as well as the one with dad holding her in his uniform. I died seeing it in person and the photo just gets me.... all the feels. What a year these men and woman have had on the front lines, and to do that and keep all of us out here safe and cared for while his wife is at home growing a baby inside. Amazing! I hope that she grows up and looks back on those special photos of her and her dad together and melts. Not to leave mom out here, because I love the simplicity of the images of she and her daughter together. This is something I always stress to new moms ( or heck, repeat moms)--- GET IN THE PICTURES LADIES. Besides, these are professional images made easy. We give all the directions needed, we dont require you to pose yourself or come wearing a ballgown. In fact, we just suggest grabbing some sort of neutral shirt and call it a day. These are upper body shots displaying the connection of you and your new baby, so you don't have to squeeze into some skinny jeans and wear heels to your session with us. Just come. Brush your hair. Throw on some basic makeup ( or go full glam, whatever suits you) and let us do the rest.

I nearly glossed over the fact that the first two images shown here are some of the best newborn eye-contact shots we've ever got, but FOR SURE the best smiling photo captured to date as well!