I had to throw in a photograph of this beautiful couple we got to capture a few months back, prior to their little bundle arriving. I absolutely love getting to meet couples before they have their baby. I feel like it really gives them a level of comfort having met myself and my assistant prior to us handling their newborn for a session. We're able to joke together and relax and spend some time together before they're officially parents. When we part ways at the maternity session we know that the next time we see them with their newborn being carried into the studio that they'll be different people. So much changes in such a short time for new parents ( or repeat parents) and its so amazing to get to meet them and see their personalities pre and post baby. This momma had quite the journey in her mid-to-late pregnancy too so it was extra sweet for us to watch them walk in with a beautiful healthy little girl and mom looking beautiful as ever!

Having a newborn can be overwhelming so I feel like anytime you can come into contact with other parents to relate with it makes it so much more comforting. Myself and assistant are both moms. I've got two kiddos and she's got three so we definitely have experience with babies in general, as well as photographing them. We're here for all the moms and dads! We literally want nothing more than to have two tired parents come into the studio and set their stuff down and do the "deep-couch-sitting" while we take care of everything else. We change the diapers and wipe up spit-up, use all the tricks of the trade to sooth unsettled babies (many of the tricks are greatly appreciated tidbits the parents learn) , and offer some calm for parents.