emma is one

OK, Ive been working with this amazing family for a few years now. They were referred to me when their first baby ( who is this ones twinnnn) was born. So we've gotten to follow along with their family for her newborn photos, her cake smash, family holiday sessions, and then along came Emma! And then it was her turn for all the previous mentioned sessions. How awesome is it that we get to know, and love, these sweet families and watch their lives unfold between sessions. We always joke though that its sad that once kids/babies are in the mix its a bit tough to get to really know the parents because usually our ( and their) energy is focused on keeping baby/toddler/men/teens content during our time together lol...( I cannot fail to mention that this sweet little girls dad is so so great to work with as well! He never gives off the vibe that he was dragged begrudgingly to meet with us, annnnnnd that can be refreshing. Though, ladies if thats a concern of yours, they may fight it once or leading up to the session but once they get to feel the vibe of how laid back and easy going we try making the sessions, it usually loosens them up. And often times, it seems these sessions are appreciated months and years later. Its worth packing up the diaper bag (and mostly leaving the rest on us) to come and capture these fleeting milestones. Before you know it, those tiny little fingers and toes as a newborn turn into cake smashing tools. And they continue to grow at a way too fast rate and most of us are left scrounging for the "when they were little" pictures. Sometimes it takes years to fully appreciate all of these sessions, and thats okay too. We aren't ignorant to the fact that it can take a lot of planning just to walk out the door everyday with littles, let alone, make sure they dont spit up on themselves on the ride, bring along their favorite distraction toy, pack their favorite snack, bibs, diapers, wipes, .....when did they nap? did they nap long enough? .... did they nap too long?.... will they smile enough? .... all the things, we get it! And we thank you for putting your trust in us for the last several years and hopefully many to come!

ps- we try keeping cake smash sessions as easy-breezy as possible. We provide an array of outfits that are mostly custom made, we have the cake smash set ready, cake delivered, backup plans in place, all the things.