This adorable little guy has the coolest name ever right? Whelp he's named after Acadia National park, hence the mountain theme for the cake smash! Love it! His mom and dad were engaged there so its held a special meaning to them and I absolutely loved that they not only named their son after that but also incorporated it a year after his birth. So special and meaningful! So so so many times we tell parents that the babies dont always love the cake, its super normal. But this little man was bribed to eat cake with slices of apples! Ha, imagine your older kids (or heck, yourself) being bribed to eat cake with apples! As always I absolutely loved the cake design that @therollingpincustomcakeshop delivered. If y'all dont already know Jess from The RollingPin, ya better find her on Facebook! Her work is amazing, beautiful and delicious, and who doesn't love supporting a small business?

Another thing to note about Cades session is that he didn't particularly love sitting and posing and smiling the entire time. Go figure right?!? But we always like to reassure parents that its pretty normal, we work in about five minute increments of photographing and then give the babe a break to explore around the space and feel in charge. Even sessions that don't feel like they went perfectly ( in the eyes of the parents) we're nearly always able to complete a more-than-full gallery that parents adore and will cherish ( and even look back on and remember and laugh and remind their kid that at one point they didnt love cake!lol). Remember, it only takes a snap of the shutter to grab a photo of your baby clapping, smirking, giggling. You can be sure that the entirety of your time with myself ( and Elaine assisting) that we will be doing everything in our power to make it an enjoyable experience and we pull out all the tricks to get babies happy and comfortable.