This tiny Pomski pup was the sweetest Christmas gift one of my clients brought it. OMG can you even? This was just a quick mini session on a few sets and this very young puppy cooperated so so well. Since she was a girl we absolutely had to use one of our headbands and its the cutest little thing, and of course since she's a Christmas pup I had to shoot on red and with a sled ( another nod to the Husky). I feel like sessions with a newborn puppy are so similar to that of a newborn human, in the ideal timing of the session is key to success. Clearly a rambunctious 3-6 month old puppy will likely not sit in a basket or a bowl and allow a headband to be perfectly placed upon their head while they "pose" for us under the lights :)

We cannot wait to photograph more puppies in the future, and also cant wait to get back outside and see families and their faithful companions when we meet up at a park for their session.