We've been fortunate enough to work with this family a few times in little Rosarios first year of life. He was one of the babies born during the initial shut-down times that we had to turn away for a newborn session, sadly but understandably. We were excited to finally be able to work with these four when things did finally open back up though, and we've enjoyed them ever since. I love being able to capture milestones in babies lives and watch their little personalities form between each session. Seeing them in all the literal seasons of their lives is awesome and our goal is always to form lifelong relationships with the people we work with! Things have been extra tricky for cake smash sessions due to covid restrictions as most of these babies haven't seen many people in their first year of lives, and/or the dreaded masks we wear during sessions. Believe it or not that makes it extra hard to get happy babies smiling at us while we look like we are faceless people lol. Buttttt, that doesn't stop us from pulling out all the stops and using all the tricks we've learned along the way. And little Rosario didnt even need any of that, he was great and so chill for his cake smash, he did amazing!