whats an extended family session like?

Well, they can be a lot of different things. This was a quick one. This is my in-law family here. When we price extended family sessions we try to get an overall feel of what the families are looking for. We customize a price that makes sense for them and a session that makes sense for them. Typically we try shooting the entire group together ( this one here I had to use my trusty tripod because I'm in it!) and then we break down the families into different combinations. Depending on the kid's ages that are being photographed we often start with the youngest kiddo's and their pairings first.

Its all about maximizing our time together and getting a ton of variety for our clients. I know many people may say "oh we just want one group photo". But then when we talk it over it seems each family is due for an updated few images of their individual families as well, so it makes sense to capture as much as possible while we are together. Plus it helps to have us there to suggest the different combinations that are often super-important to the families as well.

Examples would be- grandparents and their birth children, grandparents and their grandkids, grandparents and each of their kids and their families. All the girls, all the boys, all the grandkids. Each family unit. See, thats a lot of pictures to take into consideration. Plus it really helps to design an album for the grandparents ( and copies for their kids) to be able to show the legacy they've all created. That whole "all because two people fell in love" feel. Its awesome to take in all the people that exist in a family because of their parents, their grandparents, great grandparents etc etc. What an awesome feeling it is for grandparents to see it in print too. The generations beyond them that they've helped create and nurture. Wow, pictures are powerful aren't they? And we are here for it! These sessions are such an awesome gift idea and will be something you glad you did for years to come.

*For any of you that haven't worked with us before- I'm (Christine- the photographer) the one in the one shoulder cream patterned dress and those are my little people with me- one boy and one girl. And my fabulous assistant, Elaine, is also my sister-in-law is the one in the floral maxi dress. We are both the ones behind the scenes ( and prefer it over being in front of the camera! But that also helps us relate to the majority of folks who don't like having their picture taken, we literally try making it as painless as possible and even fun!). We are there to help give outfit guidance, there to help get kids to cooperate, and parents to remain calm :) and to provide an overall easy experience from planning to shooting and image selection and product delivery. Get your families legacy off of Facebook ( thats a great place to share, sure, but its not going to be around forever) and off your cellphones ( because those go away too) and into print, you'll be thrilled you did!