These sweet boys did great for their newborn session, even though they gave us a run for our money. Thats just something we expect with newborns in general, and definitely anticipated it going into a twin newborn session. They alternated feeding for their short session time with us, and also alternated crying. If we couldn't handle such things, we wouldn't be in the business :) We roll with the punches, and have plenty of plans, and backup plans, annnnnnd backup to our backup plans. The babies are our bosses from here on out, and we're used to it. We always joke with parents and tell them not to let their kids/babies smell their fear, because, ooooweeee its true!

Fun fact about working with these twins... mom had a hard time telling them apart when she reviewed their gallery of images to choose from. When working with twins in photos we always make sure to place the same baby on the same side of each image to avoid confusion down the line :)

I absolutely cannot wait to photograph these two boys again in their growing glory.