My "wHY"

These two faces... They are my "why"... Why I got started in photography...Why I believe in photography...Why I treasure every single image of them from the past and believe in printing these darn faces to see on my walls, and to give to grandparents, and heck, neighbors we love too lol....

It wasn't until my son was born that I REALLY got into photography over seven years ago, though it had always been a passion of mine. I remember my early teen years plastering my walls in photos and collages and one of the first things I collected was picture frames. I had about a hundred picture frames in my bedroom and loved getting film developed and opening those envelopes and filling all the new frames. I became a hoarder of photos. And if you know me, you know Im truly a purger lol. Nothing makes me happier than throwing things away (okay: recycling and donating too obviously). I wouldn't consider myself a minimalist, but close to it. That being said- you won't catch me purging photos. I have an actual reaction looking at the above photos. My babies. Their personality. Their silliness. Their annoyance with me with the darn camera in their face far-too-often ( yet its never often enough for me).

So it seems like yesterday that my son was just born and everything changed. I wasn't too concerned about having his newborn photos taken, because, well I was tired and in my mind I had plenty of time. Besides he's a baby for a year right? Ha, I was so wrong, darn't. That newborn just turned seven last month and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Bummer. But I'll always have the pictures, ones that I cherish, his grandparents cherish, his aunts cherish, and someday I wholeheartedly believe that they will too! ( ya'll this is getting me choked up to read, write and even think about).

So its not a sales gimmick when I'm shouting "get the photo sessions scheduled" from the top of my lungs, because it's real for me. It's my why, it's my all. Taking and giving parents timeless pictures that they'll always look back on fondly is everything to me. Fill your walls or get photo albums, just document it all in a real way for you, for them, for their family. Nothing is better or ever will be.