Everyone always asks..."What should we wear?"

This is usually the most stressful part of a photo session planning. The dreaded 'what to wear' thoughts on most females brains when booking the session.

Im here to help though, so rest assured.

Some key tips I usually suggest... And some Amazon Affiliate links below to make this even easier on you!

-Moms- This time let this be about you!!! Start by selecting YOUR outfit and build from there. Make sure you select something that fits well and you'll feel comfortable in and good in. Let it be polished but not too-stuffy. Something you can move in. ( footwear is important too, especially if were photographing outdoors, you definitely dont want to have heels sinking into the ground while were trying to get a cute walking shot with you and your fam etc). I absolutely cannot recommend a full length dress options enough. They're universally flattering and fun, and when selecting the right one you can certainly move freely and maybe even show a little leg or chest line. IF you're worried about midsection weight like many mommas, then pick something flow-y in a maxi dress ( this doesn't mean bulky!) and avoid horizontal stripes.

-Dads- This can be just as tricky as the kiddos, but again, it doesn't have to be. A classic Henley shirt is a staple and will NEVER go out of style! Add a pair of classic jeans or khakis and then finish it off with boots or "Hey Dudes" and you can have a happy and comfortable Dad who isn't feeling overdressed or stuffy and they can actually live in these pieces again and not feel like its a one-time-use outfit.

Kids- Again, they're going to want to be comfortable and I can totally relate as I'm a mom myself. Avoid buying outfits that are too stiff and will annoy the kiddos. If they're complaining non-stop about how annoyed they are wearing the outfit "you forced them to wear" then it will result in a dampened mood for the session. Meet them a bit where they're at. Lord knows they have comfortable and stylish joggers out there for boys, and "Hey Dudes" look great for them as well. My NUMBER one suggestion is planning for layers and PLEASE dress for the weather and have backup plans! Kids that are too cold do.not.photograph.well!!!!!


As stated above, maxi dresses are an absolute favorite of mine year round and for so many reasons. They photograph amazingly, and are universally flattering but also beautiful and timeless. They're great for family posing and Im obsessed with some that show a bit of your neckline, or a leg slit. Length is also an important consideration too depending on your height and footwear (I'll link some suggestions there below). I LOVE LOVE LOVE a neutral or earth-tone color palette. PLEASE DO NOT ALL come "matchy-matchy" with the same plaid button ups or solid black/white shirts. It will date the image faster than anything :)

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Ladies shoes below-

Keep in mind that your outdoor session will be in grassy areas typically and require walking so make sure your footwear is also practical and we love these styles below for a happy medium.

Next for the Guys...

Consider everyones color palette when choosing outfits. If everyone is wearing super dark colors, dont bring Dad in white, and vice versa. Have everyone looking cohesive. See at the bottom I'll include a couple of color palette inspirations

For the girls....

For the boys